February 2023: Helen Frankenthaler Award for Painting

I am honored to announce that the Foundation for Contemporary Art has awarded me the 2023 Helen Frankenthaler Award for painting.

April 2023: "The Inseparables," STARS Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

This group show (April 8th to May 27th) features artists who "yoke a primary alphabet of color and form to articulate the shifting, opaque waters of the mind, and in so doing, position themselves against the Enlightenment notions of rationality and progress that have insinuated themselves into our lives." As Hiji Nam writes, "Cynthia Hawkins’s expressions of autumn wind and mountain shadows inflect the traditional landscape portrait with the muddied curves, flashing jewel tones, and soft patches of subjectivity."

April 2023: "So let us all be citizens too," David Zwirner Gallery, London, UK

This group show (April 20th to May 26th) "explores and celebrates the legacy of American artist Bob Thompson (1937–1966), whose dynamic figurative style marked a significant turn in painting during the postwar period. This group exhibition joins contemporary international artists of several generations whose aesthetic affinities to Thompson are both discernible and surprising."

June 2023: "Gwynfor's Soup and the Proximity of Matter," Ortuzar Projects, New York, NY

This series of paintings was inspired by a quite abstract photograph. However, it also aligns with my long-term use of natural forms, stellar forms, stellar locations, mark-making, and a call and response to the canvas as the work progresses. My use of color is critical to the work. Series, for me, is a method through which I develop and maintain structure, as I use various forms expanding and stretching them beyond those natural objects to become other than they were.

February 2024: "Mapping the World: Sticks and Cowrie Shells,” STARS Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

Additional details will be posted when available.

June 2024: "Cynthia Hawkins: New Work," Kaufmann Repetto, Milan, Italy

Additional details will be posted when available.